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After showing you dashing hairstyles of a lot of other actresses and models, it’s Miranda Kerr’s turn now. The Victoria’s Secret model is on of our all time favourites when it comes to people to look up to for haircuts and hairstyles. She is famous for her style, which is classic, perfectly groomed. However, we are more concerned about the hairstyles today.

You must be wondering why we chose Miranda Kerr over all the models out there? Well, that is because she is one of our personal favourites and everyone else’s too supposedly. Her style is unique and exemplary. Just like the rest of her attire, even her hairstyles walk a fine line between polished and sexy. 

Most of her hairstyle revolve around beach waves. It is like she spends most of her time at the beach to give herself a windy wavy texture before her hairstylists make it look perfectly defined for her.

That is how we think it works at least. So, here are some of her trendy hairstyles that are drool worthy that you guys can take some inspiration from.

Man Bun

Miranda Kerr Hair
Miranda’s 2017 look, where she chose to style her hair with a man bun and golden highlights. Everybody loves this hairdo and works pretty well on a non shampoo day at work.

Messy Hairdo

Miranda Kerr Hair

Her 2015 look revolved around a messy hairdo!

Her Everyday Look

Miranda Kerr Hair

This one that you’re looking at is Miranda’s go to haircut at various events and parties.

Soft Curls


Miranda Kerr Hair


Soft curls and blonde highlights that accentuated Miranda’s looks and were a part of literally most of her Victoria’s Secret campaign looks!

Miranda Kerr Hair

This is Miranda’s 2010 look where she cut her hair to a collarbone length. She started off her love affair for short hair with this style. She preferred styling this hairdo as big blown out waves!


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