Messi Frisuren und Haarschnitte

Messi, Spanish club, Barcelona’s forward has made it to the news for his hairstyles and haircuts. Of course, for his soccer game as well! From long, to blonde, to anything that’s trending, Messi has experimented them all.

Cuts that are clean and classic look ethereal on Messi. They are also a great choice for those who play soccer and are active for these cuts are easy to carry. These hairstyles look great in the heat, when you are prone to sweating due to vigorous activity.

Short hairstyles hold their shape no matter what the weather conditions are. Longer looks, however, require proper maintenance such as the usage of hair products.

Here are some of the very best hairstyles of Messi!

Messi Hairstyles and Haircuts


Classic Hairstyle

This classic hairstyle which is short on the sides and log from the top adds height and attraction. It works for active lifestyles as well. Just add some product and you will look your best even on the sweaty fields.

Lionel Messi hairstyles

Side Part Haircut

Side part is another hairstyle that never goes out of style for men. Use product to add some formal style to it, otherwise carry it natural everyday.

Lionel Messi hairstyles

Blonde Faux Hawk

This hairstyle depicts that hair colouring as more than one way. You don’t have to colour your hair completely. Instead you can do it on a focal point of a faux hawk style. Moreover, this cut demonstrates how to keep your hair when the hair colour grows out.

Lionel Messi hairstyles

Low Fade Haircut

This haircut creates an angle line that is distinct. The upper part of the hair is styled finely into spikes. These haircuts are great for men who are active.

Lionel Messi hairstyles

Blonde Dye

This platinum blonde dye got tons of reactions from the fans. Although the colour is not very alluring when it comes to his skin tone and red beard, he opted for it to start fresh. Despite the off colours, the combination looks great on him.

Lionel Messi hairstyles

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