Kelly Rowland Hairstyles

It isn’t a secret that Kelly Rowland is hair goals. Author and singer has been the best when it comes to hairstyles since her debut, Destiny’s Child. However, she does not have the same pixie hair anymore. She has tried out many new hairstyles that are worth the applause as well. 

We have compiled some of her best, drool worthy hairstyles for you to look at and take inspiration from.

Layered Haircut with Center Partition

The layered haircut gives volume to her hair. The centre partition is a very good choice when it comes to giving yourself a stylish and ethereal look.

Kelly Rowland hairstyles

Center Parted Puffy Curls

This is one of our favourite hairstyles that Kelly pulled off for the grammy awards in 2012.

Kelly Rowland hairstyles

Hair Knot

Doesn’t this hair knot just look so adorable? This hairstyle suits younger women a lot. Whereas the front bangs are a perfect hairdo for middle aged women who want to look younger. So, this hairstyle is ideal for women of every age to be honest!

Kelly Rowland hairstyles

Wavy Mid Length Haircut

Center parted haircuts look great on Kelly Rowland, no matter what the haircut is. These blowed out ends add movement. This hairdo is great for women who prefer a trendy look for every occasion.

Kelly Rowland hairstyles

Pixie Cut with Highlights 

Kelly shows of her very well cut pixie hairstyle with highlights at the edges. This hairdo looks super trendy and chic on her. You can rock such a pixie cut however you want to. Although it looks super cool side swept as well, just how Kelly has styled it.

Kelly Rowland hairstyles

Voluminous Curls

Kelly shows off her thick hair by curling them. This hairstyle is pretty stylish and manageable as well. This hairstyle goes very well with her fierce yet cute face as well. Women with a fat face and thin hair should opt for this hairstyle.


Kelly Rowland hairstyles

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