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Kate Capshaw looks so much younger than her real age. She resides in California, spends her summer in the Hamptons. She is married to a movie mogul and lives the dream life. Looking at her attire, one can never guess that she is sixty-five years old.

Although you may not be able to afford the same plastic surgery work or have a twenty-four seven stylist walking around with you, you can do something similar to your hair. After all Kate Kapshaw Hairstyles are worth the effort!

Here are some of the reasons why this hairdo works on Capshaw:

  • This haircut would look really good on someone who has naturally straight and thick hair. Even if your hair is fine, it would look good, however, not as voluminous. People who have very thick and bushy hair, they can ask their hairstylist to lighten it up using a razor. But make sure that your layers are not too heavy because that can just make your hair look a bit out dated.
  • Capshaw’s hair is naturally curly, so in this picture, it is obvious that her hair has been straightened out using a straightening rod. Well, who even cares about the details? As long as it looks great. Isn’t it?
  • The length of the haircut is also perfect. It is neither too short not too long.

The colour of her hair is also great. If your hair is light, highlight your hair using the balayage technique.

Kate Capshaw hairstyles

Kate looks even better in short hair and here are a few images of her hairstyle that makes her appear fresh, stylish and youthful.

A lot of people say that if you are over fifty, you should wear your hair short. But that is just another myth. Style your hair in a way that flatters your face shape and texture of your hair. This look looks great on people who have thick and naturally straight hair.


Kate Capshaw hairstyles
Kate Capshaw hairstyles
Kate Capshaw hairstyles
Kate Capshaw hairstyles

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